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Ren revealed that the G. After the explanations, Yoko led Yuya away and told the others to come to an abandoned arcade. Stardust Promotion. He tried to explain his smile philosophy and expressed relief that the Duelist was a member of the Resistance, only for the Duelist to demand a Duel to decide whether they were friend or foe. Yuya told Sora to protect Zuzu; as Sora left, Yuya wished him luck. Yuya wears a jacket with the same color scheme as his jumpsuit that flares out above the hips, and black-backed white gloves. A furious Yuya blamed Declan for what happened to the others and tried to punch him, but Declan easily caught his fist and instead proposed for them to Duel since they were Duelists, which Yuya accepted. Afterwards, Sylvio generously offered to Duel Yuya any time, and they waved to the crowd as Yuya mused that this was the type of Duel that he'd been wanting, and wondered if he'd gotten closer to his father. As they did, Sora anticipated anger from Yuya for tricking him, but Yuya simply replied that using entertainment to hurt others was forbidden. Sora told Yuya and Zuzu they should probably go.

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Yuya, who was beside Shay, also got caught in the attack and blown away. After a brief silence, Yuya asked Sora why did he join the enemy. But the damage caused by the duel caused a cave-in, forcing all parties to escape. Yuya watched in shock as Iggy Arlo , Kit's opponent, violently attacked him in competition for Action Cards and emerged as the victor.

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He showed Zuzu and the applicants his Pendulum Cards afterwards, annoying the applicants as they thought that Yuya might have cheated against the Sledgehammer and they couldn't use the Summon without the Pendulum Cards in the dub, the applicants mainly thought Yuya cheated. Ren was astounded that Yuya figured out Yugo's strategy so quickly, who thought of games he played with others. Yuya noted that must've been Reiji's G. She found that there were two souls inside him, along with a pitch black darkness.

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Yuya anticipated this, as "G. Yuya swore to stop G. After learning about Roget's underhanded Dueling tactics, Yuya decided to help Declan, but could not open the door.

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They went in an empty room what turned out to be a trap set by Sora Shiunin. Yuya ran over to Sora, trying to get him to rest, but Sora refused. Eve reminded she crossed time countless times, giving her the power over this ultimate deck. Shinji accused the match of being fixed, but Roget put him in his place and sent Shinji to the Underground Labor Facility. Yuya guessed the Duelist knew his father and begged him to tell what happened between them, but the Duelist refused. They went to Yuya's hideout, where Yuzu took some space as her room. Shinji, who had been captured as well, explained that there could only be one place that they were going. Yuya was shocked to see Yugo out of the tournament and Sergey Dueling Jack. Yuya tried to stop the Battle Beast from sealing Sanders into a card; after failing physically, he asked the Battle Beast if he didn't want to fight.

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When they arrived, three of the escape pods were destroyed by falling debris. Yuya guessed the Duelist knew his father and begged him to tell what happened between them, but the Duelist refused. Jack joined Yuya on the helicopter and Yuya silently asked Zuzu to wait a little longer and promised to rescue her.

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Sam claimed that Jack's time at the top had made him arrogant to the point of giving Sam the low-ATK, low-Level card and telling him that it suited him best. She drew a card, and briefly paused before declarig she would defeat Yuya, her hair style having changed. The Battle Beast furiously defeated Gong and prepared to seal him into a card, but then Jack arrived in the arena.

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